It all started a few years ago, when I realised that all the drysuits I used before weren’t exactly what I wanted and needed to use them for.

So, I thought, why not make a drysuit myself that is exactly what I would like? As an active cave and technical diver my demands towards drysuits are very high, so I could not calm down until I finished making the perfect drysuit…

Few years later, as the result of my experimentations I decided to bring a new point of view to the drysuit manufacturing by offering something more. I am dedicated to show divers that they can have their perfectly fitted long lasting drysuit for a reachable price. A well chosen drysuit can make dives warmer and comfortable, so diving can be more fun without worrying about your equipment.

For delivering high quality drysuits and accessories, I built a company with a professional team to make equipment with paying special attention to small details from choosing the best materials to the finishing touches.

Please have a look at our products, and contact us for details and more information.

Robert John

I'm Robert John

Please have a look at our products, and contact us for details and more information.




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